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Welcome The Dorset Fishwife is a personalised fishmongers which offers a door-to-door delivery service of fresh wet fish together with a full filleting and fish preparation facility. An established business of 30 years and a member of the National Federation of Fishmongers, we use local suppliers of fresh and smoked fish wherever possible. We offer an evening and a weekend delivery service for orders over £60.  Choose from our range of fresh and frozen fish  products and we will deliver them direct to your home in temperature controlled conditions at a mutually convenient time.  Payment can be made by cash, cheque or card at the time of delivery.   Please email or ring for more information. Our emphasis is on quality and sustainability and our efforts are rewarded in a loyal customer base. We are passionate aficionados of locally produced good quality food.  We love nothing more than wandering round the farmer's markets in the area and are lucky enough to have a great baker, butcher and greengrocer nearby. We feel that this outlook plays a big part in our own good health, benefits the local and global environment and the local economy and most importantly it tastes good!!  With this philosophy in mind we use locally sourced fish wherever possible ensuring that it has been fished from sustainable sources. We also offer sauces and products to accompany our fish dishes. Why not take a look inside our website for more about our services and products and check out our delivery schedule. If you would like more information or just wish to have a chat we would love to hear from you. Hope to meet you in the near future. Jane (The Dorset Fishwife) and team
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